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Fellowship of Songs (FOS)

Fellowship of Songs (FOS) is our Flagship Event as has been organized every quarter since 2014.

It is a Service of Songs led by Gramophone Chorus which seeks to bring together lovers of good Christian music to listen to and sing hymns and other spiritual songs for edification. The event typically involves performances by the choir interspersed with congregational singing, a sermonette by a seasoned speaker, testimonies, and prayer time.

New Year Voice College (NVC)


New Year Voice College is an annual conference for singers, instrumentalists, and other choral and classical musicians, where the teaching and learning of proper musical techniques are undertaken.  It provides a platform for people who wish to improve upon their musicianship to learn from experts.

Gramophone Ghana Concerts

Occasionally, as we feel led, Gramophone Ghana organises concerts which usually take a different style from Fellowship of Songs. At Gramophone Ghana Concerts, we take complete composed works or combine various works from different composers and perform as one concert for the edification of our audience. Gramophone Ghana has organised the following concerts since inception.

No Greater Love

Man, Christ, God (A rendition of G.F Handel’s Messiah)

The Gramophone Experience Concert (5th Anniversary Concert)